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9305 New La Grange Rd Louisville, KY 40242   *  Monday-Friday 10:00-6:30, Saturday 11:00-5:00   *   502-365-2516

Time to drink tea and start your holiday shopping at the Fall Tea Festival

fall tea

7th Annual Fall Tea Fest

September 24th-26th

  • Saturday 11am – 5pm
  • Sunday 12pm – 4pm
  • Monday 10am – 6:30pm 

Join us for our 7th annual Fall Tea Festival at Louisville Tea Company! This 3 day event will be at the shop and the deals will also be available online. 

Festival Happenings

The new Exceptionally Rare Tea samplers will be released 

There will be a sneak peek of the 12 Days of Christmas samplers before they are officially released on November 1st. These will be available to purchase for gifts and include many of the new teas coming to the shop on October 1st. 

35% OFF all of our Summer Teas, while supplies lasts

Hot tea samples at the shop  

FREE SHIPPING  online Sat-Mon, use coupon code: FallFreeShip

Special Tastings on Monday

September 26th, 10am – 6:30pm

Stop by on Monday to visit with Nick and Nicolette and try some of the teas from our newest Exceptionally Rare Tea Sampler. They will be brewing up complimentary samples at the tea bar all day, so you can stop by anytime. This will be the only time that these exclusive teas will be available to taste

This sampler comes back every year with a new batch of completely unique traditional loose leaf teas. These teas are only available to purchase in the sampler and there is a limited amount. 


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