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9305 New La Grange Rd Louisville, KY 40242   *  Monday-Friday 10:00-6:30, Saturday 11:00-5:00   *   502-365-2516

Teas of the Dead 2020

Every in the fall, we bring back three teas from the dead. These are teas that were at one point in time on our menu, but for some reason or another, have departed from the living realm.
This year the three lucky ones making their ghostly return are Mandarin Orange, Cold Chaser, and Strawberry Shortcake. These teas are easily spooked, so don’t miss out before they are back in their tombs!
Available at the shop and online for a limited time
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A spooktacular addition to this year’s Teas of the Dead lineup is this deliciously juicy rooibos blend. Rich and creamy African rooibos is mixed with mandarin orange flavors to create a fresh and tasty tea! Delicious as a hot tea in the evening, and also makes great iced tea.

$8 / 50g

cold chaser herbal tea


If ghastly ghouls have you feeling under the weather, this herbaceous herbal blend will help you out. Filled with all natural herbs and spices designed to give your immune system a boost to get you through minor ailments. Suggested use is 3-4 cups per day while cold symptoms persist. Herby and savory flavor that many find soothing.

$8 / 50g

strawberry shortcake black tea


Making a return from the other side is this black tea blend with sweet strawberry and creamy vanilla. In life, this flavored tea is great for waking up in the morning, or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Also goes well with sweets, breads, and cakes, such as one may find in an afternoon tea ceremony.

$7 / 50g

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