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Every Tuesday, join us at the tea bar for a new tasting experience for only $5 per person. Some weeks we have a line up of different teas to compare and other weeks, we may pair the teas with foods like fruits and nuts. Whatever week it is, there is always something new to learn and delicious to sip. 

Tea Tuesday Schedule



8/6      Mangoes & Tea **

8/13    Carrot & Apple bread **

8/20    Zodiac: Virgo

8/27     Back to School teas



9/3     Pumpkin Pie Tea & vegan pumpkin bread **

9/10    Vegan Cheese Pairing  **

9/17    Breakfast Tea Sampler

9/24     Zodiac: Libra



10/1    New Fall Seasonal Teas

10/8    Cheese & Tea  **

10/15  Teas from the Dead

10/22    Zodiac: Scorpio

10/29   Louisville Vegan Jerky Pairing **


**food pairing

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Keep in mind that we have limited seating and cannot accommodate groups larger than 6 people. If you have a group with 4+ people, give us a call so we can save seats at the lower bar for you. 502-365-2516 

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