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Tea Gifts for Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to add two new teas to the permanent menu! Herbs for Men you may recognize as we have had that one at the shop before for limited offerings, but the Gentleman Ginger is completely new. Both are wonderful blends that you can enjoy year round and would make excellent gifts for Father’s Day. 

Meet Gentleman Ginger

Gentleman Ginger is a house-made unique blend of black tea, bergamot, ginger and a light touch of oak, that is sure to satisfy a craving for ginger, or just a good cup of tea! This tea also makes a great companion to our Lady Lavender tea. A great accompaniment to a meal, or an afternoon snack, also does well hot or iced. 
Anyone who is a fan of our Earl Grey will surely love this blend. Be sure to try our other Earl Grey-based concoctions: Earl Grey, Creme de Earl, and Lady Lavender.
Gentleman Ginger Loose Leaf Black tea

Herbs for Men

Herbs for Men is a daily tonic for men’s health. It has lots of great warming herbs that can improve vitality and endurance. It is also safe for women too, and tastes amazing! May enhance mood, increase energy levels, and promote prostate health. Taste is lightly sweet & spicy.

contains apple, rooibos, ginger, bean peals, cinnamon, lemongrass, St. John’s wort, flavor, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, ginseng root, lemon peels, saw palmetto
Herbs for Men Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Tea Samplers

When in doubt, go with a tea sampler. These box samplers make great gifts for any occasion and come in a variety of options. These ones pictured below include 6 pouches of different loose leaf teas. However, there are other tea sampler options available. Click on the link to see everything that we currently have in stock.

Our best selling sampler is our Kentucky Sampler. This one includes teas that are Kentucky themed like Bluegrass Blueberry, Bourbon Cream, and Derby City Green.

Cast Iron Teapots

Nothing completes a tea gift like a teapot. Cast iron teapots would be a great tea gift option for Father’s Day with a variety of colors of available and a beautiful rustic design. These are available only at the shop for local customers and cannot be shipped. Stop in or give us a call to see some more options.

We also have cast iron teacups available!

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