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Free Shipping on orders over $75

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Free shipping on orders over $75

Zodiac Tea Sampler


A fun collection of 12 different loose leaf teas themed to the different zodiac signs. A great gift for the adventurous tea drinker.

This box set includes twelve 25g packets of different loose leaf teas

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This is a fun collection of all 12 of our zodiac teas that we offered at the shop as limited specials through 2019. Now we have them all in a complete gift box set! There are a wide variety of loose leaf tea flavors that are creative and unique. All of the teas are sorted by the element of the zodiac sign into four categories: Black tea, puerh, oolong, and green tea.

This would make a great gift for the adventurous tea drinker!

25g packets of each of the 12 zodiac themed teas are included as listed below:

FIRE: Black Tea

  • Aries: tangerine gingerbread black tea
  • Leo: coconut fig black tea
  • Sagittarius: almond vanilla black tea

EARTH: Pu-erh tea

  • Taurus: chocolate cherry puerh
  • Virgo: raspberry orange puerh
  • Capricorn: cafe vanilla puerh

AIR: Oolong Tea

  • Gemini: elderflower citrus oolong
  • Libra: raspberry rose oolong
  • Aquarius: vanilla cheesecake oolong

WATER: Green Tea

  • Cancer: passion fruit green tea
  • Scorpio: chocolate pear ginger cake green tea
  • Pisces: cotton candy raspberry green tea


Because these teas were ordered in limited amounts to create this sampler, they are not sold individually. If there is a certain tea that you would like, we do offer special ordering with a minimum purchase of 250g. Just send us an email for pricing and more information [email protected]