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Free Shipping on orders over $75

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Free shipping on orders over $75

Top Teas Sampler


A collection of 12 of our best selling loose leaf teas in a lovely green gift box.

Includes 25g of each tea

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Looking for that perfect tea lover gift? Or maybe you just don’t know what tea to start with. This is the sampler box for you! We have included 12 of our best selling loose leaf teas all in one beautiful green gift box. This collection of teas is a great starter collection including lots of fun flavors like Tiramisu and classics like Earl Grey. It also covers a wide variety of types of tea including black tea, puerh, green tea, white tea, fruit blend, and rooibos.


The sampler box includes 25g of each of the following loose leaf teas:

Kentucky Morning: cinnamon orange black tea  

Coconut Almond: nutty and sweet black tea

Earl Grey: classic bergamot black tea

Assam: bold and malty Indian black tea

Royal Breakfast: cocoa toffee almond black tea

Pistachio Puerh: creamy and sweet puerh tea

Green Goddess: pomegranate green tea

Jasmine Green: light floral green tea

Strawberry Fields: strawberry rooibos green tea

White Himalaya: pineapple white tea

Dark Raspberry: hibiscus raspberry fruit blend, caffeine free

Tiramisu: creamy mocha rooibos, caffeine free

**color of box may vary