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Sheng Pu-erh Mini Tuo Cha


Potent raw puerh mini tuo cha which can be infused several times

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Tuo cha means “birds nest tea”, so since these are shaped like tiny birds nest, they are mini tuo cha. Sheng pu-erh is also known as raw pu-erh, meaning it is uncooked, and is simply tea leaves that have been pressed and are in the process of aging. These minis can be further aged and can develop interesting qualities in taste over years and decades; they can also be enjoyed right now! Expect a slightly astringent taste, but also a fruity sweetness on the tongue; a decent amount of caffeine. The aging process will mellow out the flavors and the tea will become more smooth over time. Typically the tuo cha is “rinsed” (a short 10 second infusion in hot water, then discard water) and can be enjoyed for several infusions.

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 2-5 min at 208°F

aged raw pu-erh cakes

Yunnan, China



50g, 100g, 250g