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Free Shipping on orders over $75

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Free shipping on orders over $75

Osmanthus Dan Cong Oolong


Winter harvest Dan Cong oolong from 100 year old trees; creamy, sweet with osmanthus after taste

available for a limited time

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Take advantage of this rare opportunity to taste early winter 2020 harvest Dan Cong oolong. Harvested in an extremely small batch from 100 year old tea trees, this is expertly crafted oolong tea that is not the scented variety – any flavor notes detected are authentic with no additives. The aroma from the dry leaf will be very creamy and inviting. The brewed tea will be thick in body and have strong creamy and sweet flavors with a long lasting after taste of osmanthus. This rare tea is only available while supplies last

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 1-3 min at 195°F, may be steeped multiple times

oolong tea

Guangdong, China


25g, 50g, 100g