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A fruit blend inspired by the Italian drink; sweet and sour lemon fruit blend


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This year, we decided to add another tea inspired by our family’s Italian traditions, Limoncello! Growing up in Phoenix, our family had a big lemon tree and always had an abundance of lemons. One of our favorite things to make was limoncello – a homemade sweet lemon liqueur. It was something that our family savored and we would try to make it last the whole year, but we never quite did 😉

This fruit blend really captures that bold lemon taste with the classic slight bitterness and a sour punch. The bold fun flavor is going to be fun to use in cocktails and will make an excellent base for a hot toddy. And if you are feeling under the weather this season, a hot cup of this is sure to get you feeling better!  Here for a limited time


Brewing Instructions:
Steep 5-8 min at 210°F


candied pineapple, apple, lemon granules, lemon oil, lemon peel, flavor, red currants