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GABA Oolong


Taiwanese oolong with numerous reported health benefits; smooth taste with notes of malt and grapes.

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GABA oolong looks similar to other ti kuan yin style rolled leaf oolongs. However, the difference is in the way it is made. During the oxidation stage of production, the tea leaves are flushed with nitrogen which causes more GABA to be produced in the leaves. GABA stands for Gamma Aminobutyric Acid and it has been shown to have numerous health benefits, chiefly among them being its affect on lowering stress levels. Additionally, other research has shown that GABA may reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, lower anxiety, increase mental acuity, and produce better REM sleep. This unique production was first developed in Japan in 1987 and has become a staple for many Japanese people. 

Since we typically do not carry teas because of health benefits alone, we are also pleased to offer this tea because it tastes amazing! This is a high quality, masterfully produced Taiwanese oolong that has earned its spot on our menu. The aroma is herby and sweet with a light-colored infusion that is medium bodied. In the flavor, there are notes of malt, grapes and a hint of mint. Multiple steepings are advised!


Source: Hinton T, Jelinek HF, Viengkhou V, Johnston GA, Matthews S. Effect of GABA-Fortified Oolong Tea on Reducing Stress in a University Student Cohort. Front Nutr. 2019;6:27. Published 2019 Mar 26. doi:10.3389/fnut.2019.00027

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 2-5 min at 200°F, may be steeped multiple times

oolong tea



25g, 50g