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Eight Immortals Dan Cong Oolong


An exquisite dan cong oolong from the Wu Dong Mountains. Smooth taste with flavor notes of flowers and honey

Available for a limited time

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Also known as “Ba Xian” our Eight Immortals Dan Cong oolong comes from Middle Mountain in the Wu Dong Mountains of China, and is of an extremely limited harvest. The leaves are taken from a small strand of natural tea trees that are over 50 years old. These trees are slow growing with deep roots, reaching deep into the ground and able to get more minerals into the plant and leaves. The tea lore is ancient in this area and it has been the origin of many of the worlds greatest teas. The varietal used to make this tea comes from the last remaining of the original eight tea plants from the Song Dynasty. One of the things that makes Ba Xian unique is that it is said to have 53 distinct aromatic molecules in it, aromas which mimic other plants, fruits and flowers in the surrounding terroir. These aroma characters have been artfully preserved with careful propagation through the centuries by the tea masters.

Strong flavors up front which quickly fade to a smooth fruit and floral sweetness. There is a distinct magnolia blossom aroma to it. Flavor notes of jasmine, muscatel grapes, white nectarine, and honey.

Available for a limited time

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 1-3 min at 208°F, may be steeped multiple times

oolong tea

Guangdong, China


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