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2021 First Flush Darjeeling Selim Hill


2021 First Flush Darjeeling from Selim Hill tea garden. Don’t let this rare opportunity pass by

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Surrounded by the Mahananda Wildlife Preserve in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, is the Selim Hill tea garden which has been established for over 150 years. The garden is perched on a hill with varying elevations, reaching up to over 3,500 ft.

First flush Darjeeling teas are always in high demand and each year there is typically a mad dash to see which tea brokers can get their hands on a few lots of the precious leaves. These early leaves are usually more delicate and tender and therefore more light, floral, fresh, brisk, and astringent in flavor. To preserve the spring leaf flavor, first flush Darjeeling teas are generally less oxidized during processing and may appear more greenish in color than a typical black tea. Darjeeling first flush tea is some of the most prized and expensive on the market. This year, we are happy to bring some to our shop to give all of our customers the opportunity to taste truly fresh tea.

Leaves harvested April-May 2021


Available for a limited time

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 2-5 min at 195°F

organic tea leaves, 2021 First Flush 

Selim Hill, Darjeeling, India


25g, 50g, 100g