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9305 New La Grange Rd Louisville, KY 40242


Monday-Friday 10:00-6:30 * Saturday 11:00-5:00

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Sign up for our emails for updates & deals

9305 New La Grange Rd Louisville, KY 40242   *  Monday-Friday 10:00-6:30, Saturday 11:00-5:00   *   502-365-2516

COVID-19 precautions

In order to limit contact, we are accepting emailed orders to: louisvilleteaco@gmail.com. We can send you a Paypal request via email to make payment very easy (this is the easiest and most preferred way to place and pay for local orders). Next day curbside or in-store pickup, just give us a call when you pull up for curbside.

We are accepting phone orders to: 502-365-2516. Please bare with us if you call, the line may be busy or ring for awhile while we assist other customers. This method of ordering may take a bit longer. Curbside or in-store pickup. 

We are also accepting online orders that will be shipping out via USPS: Online orders will typically be sent out the day after placing order and usually arrive in 3 – 7 days.

You are still welcome to visit our shop to place an order for take out. We do have some tape on the floor denoting proper social distancing. We also ask you to wait outside if you see there are more than 4 people already in the shop (usually it will only be a couple of minutes until someone leaves).

Thank you for your support during this time. Local businesses depend on this community. 


Louisville Tea Company storefront

For many people tea is a fun way to spend time with friends and family, or a decadent way to enjoy special foods or treats. However, for many of us, tea is a big part of life. Tea brings comfort and joy, and in some cases, physical wellness. This is why we remain open, here for our community, ready to serve, as long as we may safely do so.

On our social media, we have outlined what specifically we are doing in our shop to stop the spread of COVID-19; such as sanitizing touch points after each customer (including the register touch screen, door handles, etc.), using only single-use cups for to-go tea, removing seats,  and unfortunately no more smells from the tea tins.
We are now limiting the amount of people in our shop at one time to 4 and under; if you come in and see we are at capacity, simply wait outside, we promise it will only be a minute or two. We also have copies of our tea menu in our front windows, so you can peruse this outside and decide what you would like to order.

We appreciate your business

We truly appreciate you coming to our shop and continuing to support us! We ask that you continue to support us and your all of your other favorite family-owned small businesses as much as you can during this difficult time.  

We are working hard on adding new products to our website to make things easier for everyone. These will include some tea samplers, t-sac, and more. 
For all local orders, whether they are placed over the phone or online, we are starting to include stamp cards. At this time, we will just give you a new stamp card for each order instead of stamping your old card to keep things more sanitary. Stamps are for every $10 spent. 
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Louisville Tea co small business owners

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