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12 Days of Christmas Pre-order Form

Get your Pre-order in today!

Every year, we create a unique collection of holiday teas to sip through the season called the 12 Days of Christmas sampler. This highly anticipated collection is our most popular sampler at Louisville Tea Company! They are wonderful for getting just a taste of the season and they make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Samplers include an assortment of 12 black, green and caffeine free herbal tea single serves packed in a small gift box. Each single-serve sample is already neatly packaged in a tea bag, so all you need is an 8-10 oz. cup of hot water and you are ready to steep and sip.

These great little samplers have been known to sell out, so this year we are offering pre-ordering for orders of more than 5 samplers. And if you order 10 or more, you can save with a bulk discount! We do not have pre-order available for smaller amounts, but they will be available for regular purchase starting November 1st.

Only for orders of 5+ samplers

Receive a bulk discount for 10 or more

Bulk discount is only for pre-orders. 

5-9 Samplers $12.85 each
10+ Samplers $11.50 each

All orders must be prepaid!

Payments and orders can be placed at the shop or fill out the form below with your information and we can send an invoice to your email via paypal

If you prefer, you can email us directly at louisvilleteaco@gmail.com. Or you can call us and place pre-orders over the phone 502-365-2516. We also have an image you can print out and return in person down below. 

Pre-order by Friday, October 22nd

Pick up anytime starting November 1st

minimum order requirement 5 boxes: 5-9 boxes $12.85 each - 10+ boxes $11.50 each

Here is an image you can print out and return in person if you prefer

Previous year's sampler boxes:

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