Going to the TEA EXPO

The shop will be closed June 10th-15th

This year, all of the Louisville Tea family is going to be traveling to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. While we are there, we will be sharing our experiences on our Facebook and Instagram. Join Nicolette, Nick, Sophia, and Sarah online through the week to see what is new in the tea world. We will post updates on new products and pass along information that we learn in the classes. While we are gone, the shop will unfortunately be closed and online orders will be delayed. Make sure to plan ahead and restock your regular teas before we leave.


A year for new

This year we made it our mission to grow our tea menu. Some of these teas have made the switch from being just a seasonal tea and others are completely new to the menu. 

shop in Louisville

Steeping since 2012


June 10th-15th: Tea Expo Week

July 14th: Christmas in July 

July 24th: Tea-cation photo entires due

Tea Tuesday

Join us every Tuesday at the shop for a $5 themed tea tasting at the bar

Lemonade Iced Tea

We have two new Signature Drinks available for to-go cups at the tea shop including Lemonade Iced Tea And Hibiscus Lemonade. We also have our other classic flavors including Blueberry Matcha and Chai Latte.

Get a cup next time you are in!